Souvenirs of a Childhood Interrupted

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In rural Louisiana in the 1930s, a father of three is sent to prison for doing the unthinkable while under the influence of whiskey. Life in prison seems inevitable but God has other plans. Miraculously set free, Floyd Franklin goes on to father more children and in 1945, in an old log shack on a dirt road, the author of this story is born. Growing up as the son of a rage-filled alcoholic, young Fred Franklin carries a heavy burden and travels a long, hard road. Along the way, he comes close to losing his own life and nearly takes the life of another.


About Fred Franklin

(Written by Angie Hammons) - My father, Fred Franklin, is first and foremost a southern gentleman. He is a man deeply committed to his family, God, his southern roots and his high-school-sweetheart-wife, Diane. He is a retired field office manager for a national pipeline construction company who is enjoying retirement on his eighteen-acre farm in Linville, Louisiana.



Grampa had been sitting under the huge walnut tree near the corral since sundown, watching his three field hands steadily plodding along behind their mules. They had been plowing since daybreak, trying to get ahead of the rain. The wind had carried the suggestion of rain the day before, of this Grampa was sure, and now it was only a matter of time before the deluge. He had over forty years of experience in trying to second-guess nature, and prided himself on his weather forecasts.

They had to get the cotton plowed before the rains came. By the time the fields were dry enough to plow again, it would be too late. The cotton would be so tall by then, the mules wouldn’t be able to walk between the rows without tearing down the stalks. And the grass and weeds would choke the cotton so badly, there wouldn’t be enough cotton to even pay the planting costs.


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